Tune down for what?

full-1 Pipebomb cover full

So this is our first album, “Pipebomb Full of Nails,” with the original lineup including Brent Oberlin from Thought Industry on vocals. What was originally a one-off project laid the groundwork for a 3/4 reunion playing “In Utero” at 1993: A Tribute, and the rest as they say, is history. Who gives a shit?

Well, Thought Industry fans, for one. Dads (more on that later), the occasional guitarist… Check out a tune, this used to be our big closer: Cosmonaut – Baga. We had some of our finest moments playing this live, one in particular involving an onstage scuffle in drag, but that’s a story for another day.

So let’s say your dad tells you to learn Pipebomb on guitar for practice (yes this happened) but some of the chords seem awfully strange. To be clear Brian sucked at guitar, and without the excuse of being “real busy” with vocals. The solution? Tune the low strings down so you can bar chords and the high strings up so you can hack on them haphazardly: C G D G C F. That accounts for about half of them, the rest being straight drop-C. Godspeed…


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