The American dream


“AMERICAN AS FUCK” ~Thomas Ramos

After minutes of searching we’ve finally landed adequate Twitter representation. Funnier, better looking, and generally more well-informed on our band than we are, he is… Thomas “America” Ramos. Hop on over and give us a follow.


Behind the music. Waaay behind.

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As some of you may know, we recently recorded 12 songs at Earth Analog. What’s more, we took some video of the process. Join us as Brian sleeps/avoids the camera, Rodney tells stories/giggles, and Josh wildly flails about/dorks out.

Tip of the what?


Tracking is complete, 12 songs in 3 days, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Great sounds, working environment, and accomodations at Earth Analog and the guys from Electronical were a real pleasure to work with. It would be cliché to say “we couldn’t have done it without them,” but if we did it would have sounded different, and we don’t want it to sound different. We want it to sound like this.

So, a tip of the hat to the fine gentlemen at Electronical and Earth Analog!

King in the castle

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Sometimes Josh has something to say. Unfortunately that sometimes is always, but relief can be found under the din of his stereo. Welcome to the rock pocket. Neighbors beware, conversationalists steer clear, when it’s time to rock he will not be denied. For those brave enough to frequent the pocket, he will tell you why it rocks, where it was rocked, and how who rocked the rock when they rocked it. All this and more, as long as you can read the sign language.

All over but the shouting

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In just over 2 weeks we’ll be heading to Champaign, IL to record a full length album at Earth Analog. Allen Epley, Eric Abert, and Matt Talbot will be at the helm as producer, engineer, and “guy with a studio,” respectively. Matt has also recently taken on the role of “guy with a bar” where clients drink for free. Good thing we won’t need a drummer after the first day…

Hero is a strong word, but these are guys from some of our favorite bands: Hum, Shiner, The Life and Times, etc. Needless to say we’re excited, and we might actually get this thing done if Josh shuts up again. The hangover should help.

So after countless hours of writing, demoing, practice, and pre-production (thanks to David “Cooter” Koetje and his $2 microphone!), we can finally say it’s all over but the shouting. Time to shout.

No cure for cancer

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Apparently laryngitis is not awesome, and the only thing Brian loves more than yelling at his bandmates is screaming at a room full of American scum. To that end, practice was eerily silent on Tuesday and Cosmonaut proudly maintained a sub-300 AQI for the first time in their long and storied career.