What’s in a name?


So here’s what we’ve got for the new record. X = we’ve recorded it and/or hate it. More importantly, sometimes working titles are better than the real ones. And with hits like “Doom and Doomer,” the “Geddy Lee Rhythm,” and “Mötley Bruce,” we’re too big to fail.



ESP Rout ESP Pickguard ESP

Because guitars routed with chainsaws and pickguards made from trash cans are a one-way ticket to tone heaven.

The relentless pursuit of imperfection


It has been well documented that our EP was recorded with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio. In some cases it’s been the entire story, but there’s another side to it that needs to be heard…

Top 10 “magical” studio moments:

10) Donny is better than us

If you’re wondering who Donny is, mind your own damn business. He is ours and he is awesome. What we did not know is that he’s a better musician than all of us put together. All it took was for him to sit down at the piano and casually play a few bars to send a clear message: he belonged there, we did not.

9) Kickass

Nothing makes your day like hearing a respected recording engineer say “I think it sounds fucking kickass,” but it is still unclear as to whether we had anything to do with it.

8-6) Josh shuts up

It’s one thing to get nervous and clam up. It’s another thing entirely for Josh to get so nervous he clams up. And yet there he was. Silent. Motionless. Trying not to say anything stupid until…

5) Excellent Italian Greyhound!

I think one of us was trying to remember what kind of dogs Rodney has. Italian Greyhounds, that’s right. “Excellent Italian Greyhound! Oh I did not just say that.” ~Josh Stacey

Involuntarily blurting out one of Albini’s albums could be a bit embarrassing, but it’s not like you have a picture of him tattooed on your ass…

4) Dave Grohl

No, you have a tattoo of one of his friends. And you show it to him, completely unprompted. All he could muster was a bewildered “…wow.”

We really need to get this guy loose before he bites it.

3) The puzzler

How ’bout a game of ball? Let’s just say Steve has a pitch that cannot be hit. That is all.

2) Go full sombrero

Brian, debating the relative merits of recording vocals with or without a sombrero on, decided it would be a good backup plan if he started sucking. Steve immediately suggested we just “cut to the chase and go full sombrero.”

1) Bullshit

Possibly due to the missing sombrero, Steve thought it wise to question one of Brian’s vocal takes. The response, “Bullshit Steve Albini!” *headphone drop* may have earned him a certain reputation, had that not been established long ago.